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Can Politics Derail the Huawei Market & What Are the Implications for the Broader Smartphone Market?

The latest movement in the escalating US-China trade war has seen restrictions placed on US companies conducting business with Huawei, which has resulted in Google announcing that Huawei will now no longer have access to the latest updates to Android, the operating system that powered nearly 200M Huawei smartphone sales in 2018. As noted by Future ...

Untethered Hearables Offer New Monetisable Opportunities

A hearable is defined as an intelligent in-ear audio product that uses wireless technology to connect via a smartphone or other device that streams content from the Internet. Hearables improve the listening experience through application of noise cancellation and audio enhancement technology, or through advanced features such as translation and voi ...

The Battle to be the 'Netflix of Gaming'

Entertainment giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple are all striving to be the ‘Netflix of Gaming’, making announcements about new cloud gaming platforms or ‘digital only’ consoles like the Xbox S1. Their targets? The ‘digital natives’ a segment that have grown up without discs and are totally unfamiliar with the sluggish cartridge loadin ...

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