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How Etail Players are Eroding the Traditional Reseller Channel

Projector resellers are facing increasing pressure from the expected long-term decline of the mainstream market. However, traditional 'bricks and mortar' resellers face further challenges from online retail, particularly from mass merchandisers such as Amazon and Media Markt which are able to undercut traditional resellers partly due to their lower ...

Rising Adoption of Digital Signage in Corporate Office Spaces

Futuresource Consulting has recently published its latest round of corporate market research providing insight and commentary into the evolving purchasing and use-models of AV solutions in corporate environments. The study is based on feedback from 500 organisations across Western Europe and the US and accesses trends in both the adoption of digita ...

Worldwide Projector Market Value Set to Grow

The mainstream projector market faces long-term declines. That's not news to most. However, one story that often gets overlooked is that despite this drop in volume, market value is expected to grow. Accelerated adoption of solid state illumination (SSI) projectors in 2017 will drive a rise in ASPs. SSI solutions are expected to maintain an upfron ...

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