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Consumer Electronics

For approaching 30 years Futuresource has been a leading provider of both strategic and tactical market research and consulting relating to the Worldwide Consumer Electronics market. We help the world's biggest media and hardware companies navigate this rapidly evolving and complicated market space.

Media and Entertainment

Futuresource's 30 year heritage at the heart of media and entertainment research offers an unparalleled platform from which to offer insights, data, forecasts, and competitive landscapes and opinion. Based on a blended methodology of continuous and extensive original research, consumer insight, automated information collection, data analytics and secondary sources we offer clients a robust and credible service on which to make confident strategic decisions for their business.

Education Technology

Futuresource has been tracking, researching and consulting on the global EdTech market for over 15 years and has an unrivalled knowledge of the sector. From tracking the early days of interactive whiteboard adoption in classrooms, our services have developed to encompass the entire EdTech ecosystem.

Professional AV

Futuresource has been supporting companies across the entire professional av supply chain for over 20 years with tailored subscription-based industry tracking and forecasting services, complemented by informed strategic insights and independent business assessments. In a rapidly-changing market, professional av technologies are competing for the same end-user budgets.

Professional Video and Broadcast

Futuresource has tracked the broadcast and professional equipment business for more than 15 years and provides market sizing and industry forecasting services, complemented by informed strategic insights and independent business assessments. From acquisition through to final delivery, Futuresource covers product areas throughout the entire broadcast chain. 

Print and Imaging

Futuresource has been tracking the photo printing markets for over 15 years. We provide accurate market data, strategic forecasts and meaningful insights that assist photo printers, e-tailers, distributors and equipment/consumables vendors across Asia, Europe and North America.

Storage Media

Since 1987 Futuresource has become a leading provider of strategic market information and consulting relating to the worldwide storage market. We help the world's biggest companies in the optical, flash and HDD field as well as major players in content, media and hardware industries navigate this challenging market space.

About Us

Here at Futuresource Consulting we deliver specialist research and consulting services, providing market forecasts and intelligence reports. Since the 1980s we have supported a range of industry sectors, which has grown to include: CE, Broadcast, Entertainment Content, EdTech and many more.