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Commercial Flat Panel Displays Market Insights, Analysis and Forecasts

Whilst the TV market is responsible for driving scale and development in flat panel technology, the first plasma displays were produced in the mid-90's and sold into commercial applications. It was, therefore, a natural extension for Futuresource to build on its heritage in the projection category and begin tracking the commercial flat panel markets.

The next 20 years saw the category mature with vendors producing innovative displays options with feature sets designed to address the needs of specific vertical demands. This period has also seen a gradual shift towards solutions with a convergence between AV & IT, creating complex ecosystems that drive the adoption of commercial display products.

Futuresource services in this category have evolved to help clients understand not only the hardware but also the usage models and ecosystems that ultimately drive display sales..

Services Available

Futuresource offer a wide range of services to the commercial flat panel industry, these include:

  • Product Track - Quarterly Market Tracking, Analysis and Forecasting
  • Vertical Market TAM Profiling
  • Price Track - Weekly Pricing
  • End User Insights
  • Custom Research Programmes and One-Off Hot Topic Reports

Product Track

The large format flat panel displays quarterly market track service is a comprehensive service, based on actual sales-in data from vendors. The service covers the breadth of the flat panel display business from digital signage to corporate and education displays products.

Sales-in data, representing over 90% market coverage, is collected directly from display vendors each quarter by model and country. Collecting sales information at country and model level allows granular analysis based on country, brand and specification combinations. Interviews with component suppliers, the channel and the vendors themselves are used to cross-check data submissions. Three core elements support the main research programme.

  • 4x Quarterly Reports

  • Historical Brand Share and 5-Year Forecasts

  • Executive Report (PDF)

  • Historical and Forecast Data Delivered via Futuresource's 'Desktop Analyzer' Platform, accessible through a Windows application or web-based interface.

  • Web debrief session with a Futuresource Analyst

Quantitative Data
  • Delivered Quarterly

Data Segmentation
  • Quarterly Shipments - Volume, Value & ASP

Product Segmentation
  • High-End, High Brightness, Mid-Range, Entry-Level/Prosummer and Video Wall
Geographical Coverage
  • 68 Geographies, Individually Itemised

Other Segmentation Examples
  • Backlight, Bezel-to-Bezel Width, Brand, Brightness, Country, DVI, HDMI, Media Player, Tuners, Operation 24/7, OPS, Power Consumption, Resolution, Screen Size, Technology Type, Interactivity, Price

Qualitative Insights - Delivered Quarterly
  • Quarterly PPT Reports

    • An integral and valued part of the tracking service in which analysts discuss key trends impacting the quarter and longer-term implications for the market. Analysis is shaped not just by Futuresource's market tracking service, but also from research conducted with end users, the channel and vendors, as well as drawing from extensive experience in the wider AV industry. Two additional core elements contribute to the quarterly reports - 1) Research from other related services are included to provide context to wider trends and forecasting assumptions. 2) 'Hot Topic' insight packs supplement each report covering the major trends impacting the commercial flat panel category.

  • Debriefs & Helpline
    • Futuresource views direct access to its analyst teams as an essential tool to building closer working relationships with clients. This is one of the essential cornerstones of our ability to foster long standing client relationships and extremely high renewal rates.

    • Subscription services are supported by onsite visits, meetings at major trade shows and quarterly reviews.

Vertical Market & TAM Profiling

Understanding the total addressable market for displays technology is critical for vendors building a business in the professional display market.

This service maps the physical number of locations by vertical and sub-vertical (e.g. Leisure: libraries, museums, art galleries, amusement parks, nightclubs, bars/pubs, sports stadiums, cinemas, casinos, etc.) and by key geography, develops a theoretical display TAM against these splits and finally overlays sales numbers from its tracking service to provide an incredibly powerful view of vertical market opportunity and performance.

Price Track

The Daily Price Tracking and Value Added reporting service is a worldwide service, based on actual pricing data sourced from online sales-based websites.

End User Insights

Consumer research has been a key element of Futuresource's research and consulting services for many years, providing the end customer perspective to our consumer electronics, content and education technology services.

The Source Newsletter

News, Analysis and Informed Opinions from the Industry Experts.

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