24 November 2015

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The worldwide installed base of all image capture devices is set to reach approximately 5.5 billion units in 2015 and exceed 6 billion by 2018. Adoption of multifunctional camera devices is beginning to saturate worldwide while ownership of dedicated handheld devices peaked in 2012 and is now witnessing a decline, meanwhile wearable and mountable cameras are witnessing strong growth.
Digital cameras are now playing catch up with mobile phones as the latter continues to raise the bar in terms of what consumers want and expect from their digital camera; specifically in regards to connectivity, user-interface and computational/visual photography. The digital camera market has contracted by 63% since its peak in 2010 (by end 2014), while the premium end of the market is at risk, as superior optics and sensors is undermined by increasingly inferior usability.
This 33 page report shines a spotlight on how consumer photography is evolving, and its impact on digital camera markets, to date and looking forward.

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