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The worldwide consumer video device market was worth $2.3bn at trade in 2017, with a total market volume of 12.2m units shipped over the year. Volumes remained relatively stable (-1% year-on-year) although the...


The Worldwide Dedicated Consumer Video Device Market (traditional action cameras, 360 consumer cameras, and traditional consumer camcorders) was worth $2.5bn at trade in 2016, with a total market volume of...


Worldwide Traditional Camcorder shipments fell -28% in 2012, to 13.7 million units. Smartphones, Digital Cameras, and Action cams are all contributing to the continuing erosion of the dedicated camcorder...


Following substantial declines in 2011, worldwide Traditional Camcorder shipments are forecast to decline to an even greater extent in 2012: -29%, to 12.3m. This 18 page report provides an updated outlook for...


Worldwide volume shipments of consumer Camcorders hit 16.2m units in 2011, representing a YoY decline of -27%. 2012 shipments are expected to drop further, though at a lesser rate, to 13.4m, -17% YoY This...


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