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Futuresource has conducted research among 2000 consumers across the UK, Germany, Russia and the USA, reviewing:

The main methods and devices used by consumers to share photos.



Worldwide Traditional Camcorder shipments fell -28% in 2012, to 13.7 million units. Smartphones, Digital Cameras, and Action cams are all contributing to the continuing erosion of the dedicated camcorder...


2012 saw the launch of the Smart camera market segment, a hybrid of Smartphones and Digital cameras, capable of capturing good quality photos in low light conditions and with good optical zooms, combined with...


This short PowerPoint introduction and accompanying Excel datasheets brings together Futuresource’s latest Digital Camera forecasts. The data includes forecasts for shipments, installed base and...


As the overall volume of digital camera shipments declines due to market saturation and the impact from smartphones, it is becoming increasingly important for digital camera vendors to identify growth areas...


The USA consumer photo prints market (film and digital combined) experienced a 7% volume decline in 2011 to 16.6 billion units and is set to fall by a further 8% in 2012. Whilst the overall installed base of...


Worldwide demand for Digital Cameras will reach 130m units in 2012, representing 5% year-on-year decline, despite growth in sales of Interchangeable Lens cameras and in certain emerging regions. Trade value...


Worldwide demand for Digital Camera Lens and Accessories reached a market value of $5.4bn at trade in 2011. This compares to a 2011 global trade value of $25bn for Fixed and Interchangeable Lens cameras.

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