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According to its organisers, the IFA 2015 show in Berlin this September broke a number of records 245,000 (+2%) people came to see products and services shown by 1,645 exhibitors (+7%) occupying 150,000 sqm...


The worldwide wearable devices market was worth $9 billion at retail in 2014. 2015 is widely expected to mark a tipping point in device uptake and the development of viable mass-market use-cases for...


There are a number of digital trends which are poised for growth in 2015 and beyond having been developing for a number of years. To name just a few key tends, technology uptake by children is expanding...


The wearables market has seen strong growth so far in 2014, but is clearly still in its infancy. Worldwide shipments in Q3 totalled 12.6m units, up 39% from 9.8m in Q3 2013. Futuresource expects full year...


For the 4th consecutive year Futuresource delivered presentations on the CE market to large audiences at CEATEC. The Futuresource team also took time to ‘walk the floor’ and see again why CEATEC is uniquely...


IFA Show Report 2014

19 September 2014

IFA remains the largest CE expo, European showcase and an important global industry meeting point. Unlike other shows it is for consumers as well as for dealers and spans a full week. The show had an extra...


In this report the wearable electronics market has been divided into three broad sections: wearable fitness devices, smartwatches and smartglasses. This report contains:

Market Sizing – To quantify...


The global market for wearable technology will be worth $8bn in 2013, with over 45 million devices shipped in the year. Activity trackers will be the largest category in 2013, while smartwatches and...

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