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This report studies photo printing applications for mobile devices and consumer behaviours associated with them.

It is based on a consumer research survey designed by Futuresource and conducted in...


The photo-merchandise market grew by 15% in 2014 in Western Europe to reach €756 million and is set to have reached €851 million in 2015. Growth varies significantly by country and by product, but canvas...


The consumer photobook market grew by 3.2% to 24.1 million units in Western Europe in 2014 and is set to reach 24.9 million photobooks in 2015. The online channel is continuing to drive the majority of...


The European consumer photo prints market (film and digital combined) experienced a 9% volume decline in 2014 to 9.7 billion units and is set to fall by a further 8% in 2015. This 119 page update on the...

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