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In this report we assess the development of the pre-recorded Blu-ray (BD) replication industry during 2014. We review the key industry trends and developments that impacted on the industry during the year.


The overall video market in the Netherlands remains stable overall and continues to be dominated by the progressive and highly penetrated Pay-TV sector. Poor performance continues for packaged video, the...


Futuresource has conducted research across a sample of 4,000 consumers in four countries for this report, reviewing the following: -The main methods and devices used to share digital images -Usage of specific...


Photokina 2014 Show Report

01 October 2014

Futuresource fielded a team of 5 analysts on the ground to capture some of the highlights from Photokina 2014.

The show remains one of the world’s leading photographic and imaging events and is the...


This is the latest Blu-ray market outlook report published as part of the Futuresource Blu-ray Tracker.
The focus of this report is on USA and Western Europe
Japan hardware projections have been...


IFA Show Report 2014

19 September 2014

IFA remains the largest CE expo, European showcase and an important global industry meeting point. Unlike other shows it is for consumers as well as for dealers and spans a full week. The show had an extra...


This is the latest update report published as part of the Futuresource quarterly 3D Tracker

This report focuses on reviewing the latest key developments and trends of the market for the latest...


2014 represents a significant year for the German video sector, as new digital service launches and increased impetus from major digital providers looks to re-define the video landscape. However, the legacy of...


The overall video market in Finland remains healthy, packaged video still plays a significant role and is holding up better than the other Nordic markets, while digital video growth exploded in 2013, due to...


The Norwegian video market has shifted considerably over the last year, as consumers are increasingly displaying a strong appetite for digital video. Driven by a strong broadband infrastructure, high...

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