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Blog Posts by Futuresource Analysts

With Competition Between Streaming Services Intensifying, Hardware Has Become an Important Growth Factor

After a dynamic few years in the music and audio industries, 2018 and the first half of 2019 have once again been marked by the continuous growth of global music streaming subscriptions, with this momentum expected to continue in the short to medium term. By 2023, Futuresource expects the number of streaming subscriptions to exceed 425 million glob ...

Fossil's 5th Generation Smartwatch: Wear OS' Lifeline?

It’s difficult to believe that Fossil is already on its 5th generation platform for its Android Wear smartwatches and easy to ask what improvements have been made on a generation by generation basis. Innovation tends to be evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary in the smartwatch market, and certainly from a consumer’s point of view it appears inf ...

Microsoft Acquire Fortnite’s Biggest Star in Unexpected Move

Fortnite star Ninja has made a shock move to Twitch competitor Mixer, in a momentous exclusive media rights deal. This marks a massive upheaval for the Fortnite star who has developed a significant fanbase on Amazon owned Twitch of over 14.7 million followers. At his peak in 2018, Ninja saw a paying monthly subscriber count of over 250,000. Ninja’s ...

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