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Storage Media Analytics, Data and Research

Service Overview

Since 1987 Futuresource has become a leading provider of strategic market information and consulting relating to the worldwide storage market. We help the world's biggest companies in the optical, flash and HDD field as well as major players in content, media and hardware industries navigate this challenging market space. Our services provide a holistic view across the major categories, supported by granular detail at a product and country level.

  • Flash USB Drives
  • OTG Drives
  • MicroSD Cards
  • Imaging Cards
  • SSD Drives
  • External HDD
  • Internal HDD
  • Recordable Optical Discs


Our team of experts includes specialists for all major storage media categories. Our unrivalled network of industry contacts and our unique blend of methodologies are leveraged across the categories we track, to provide accurate and meaningful market insights to support our clients' business decisions. We understand both industry and consumer pull and push drivers. Our continuous and custom services provide strategic insights and advice, as well as highly granular market information by brand, feature, price and country.

  • Strategic Market Outlook - covering Flash Memory Cards and USB Drives, comprising market reports, 5-year forecasts and analyst Helpline support.

  • Product Track - providing quarterly tracking of key markets globally

    • HDD Worldwide Tracking (40 Countries)

    • SSD EMEA Tracking (22 Countries)

  • Price Track - comprising feeds from more than 1,000 retailer websites delivering over 1 million CE prices daily


We combine expertise and forecasting skills with data drawn from primary research, including interviews with manufactures, vendors, distributors, retailers, hardware vendors, technology companies, official bodies and industry associations. Background information and supporting data is also collected through Futuresource's internal tracking of related hardware and media categories. Secondary research is collated from a wide range of publications such as trade journals, company financial reports and conference proceedings, in order to allow data to be further cross-checked and placed within the wider industry context.

Why Futuresource?

  • Unparalleled coverage and granularity of the storage market

  • Market information relating to consumption, competition and consumers

  • Benefitting from Futuresource's cross-platform hardware and digital delivery tracking services

  • Direct access to our analysts for ad hoc inquiries

Contact Us

We would like to demonstrate our expertise to you.

For more information about how Futuresource Consulting's suite of storage media services can benefit your business, contact:

Mats Larsson

Senior Market Analyst - Storage Media

+44 (0) 1582 500 170

About Us

Here at Futuresource Consulting we deliver specialist research and consulting services, providing market forecasts and intelligence reports. Since the 1980s we have supported a range of industry sectors, which has grown to include: CE, Broadcast, Entertainment Content, EdTech and many more.