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Amazon's Trail-Blazing Growth Continues

Amazon broke the $100 billion sales barrier in 2015 and is continuing to show unrelenting growth into 2016, with Q1 revenue up 28% to $29.1 billion. In addition to organic expansion of its e-Commerce business through wider product range and geographical reach, services are growing at 60% and now account for over 25% of revenue. 40% of 2015 operating profits came from Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is growing at 64% and is likely to hit $12 billion revenue in 2016.

Amazon's Media segment grew at just 3.5% CAGR until 2015, but still represents a mighty business, with sales of $23 billion, bigger than Apple. Book publishing remains core, driven by Amazon's 60% share of the e-book market, served by tablets and its own Kindle e-readers. To offset decline in packaged music and video, the company offers free streaming entertainment in 5 of Amazon's key markets to subscribers of Prime, its highly successful customer loyalty program, which now has over 40 million members.

In consumer electronics, Amazon continues to spin out a succession of innovative products developed by Lab126, its R&D group based in Cupertino. These include Echo, a wireless speaker with Amazon's Alexa voice control which was the surprise hit of 2015, selling at least 2 million units, according to Futuresource estimates. Amazon also continues to roll out dedicated Kindle e-readers despite the huge growth of tablets, including new models which will be solar powered.

In a recent Perspective report 'Amazon: a Global e-Commerce Powerhouse', Futuresource gets inside the success factors which have driven the company from an online bookseller in 1994 to the world's most valuable retailer today.


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