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Inside a London Primary School

Learn how a large London school manages over 320 pieces of hardware, 60 of which need to be replaced every year, with no dedicated IT staff. The challenges of a school budget that is not increasing now or in the foreseeable future and a wifi network that needs to be replaced. Where do they learn about technology and how they do they decide what to buy. At the same time as juggling all this they have managed to remain an outstanding Ofsted school.

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Inside a Primary School In England

Described as the most advanced collaborative classroom in Europe, read how a large primary school in middle England financed this implementation and the benefits for children and teachers. Technology also had a hand in raising the school from "requires improvement" to their recent "good" award from OFSTED. Their latest forey into technology includes a 20 foot wide interactive panoramic presentation system in the school's reception used as a learning hub by children and for displaying real time information.

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Inside a Public School in China

The school is on their fourth refresh of classroom displays in 15 years, initially with standard TVs, now each classroom has an interactive display. We spoke to the head teacher who told us all about instigating a robotics programme across the school.

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Inside a Private School in China

Read about how a huge private boarding school in China, with almost 4,000 students, has moved interactive displays into all classrooms and is trialling tablets. The school has tried many forms of content and software with mixed results and certainly have a message for suppliers.

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Inside a Public School in Beijing

The school has managed the challenge of merging three very different schools in five years. Teachers are very positive about technology and the school now has significant budget to spend on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things.

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Inside a Private School in Dubai

Read how a new private school in Dubai, UAE, the Swiss International Scientific School, opened last year with 280 students and plans to have over 2,000 within a few years. Technology is used in every part of the school with an extensive Wi-Fi network. An inspiring reception atrium, which would not look out of place in a global corporate HQ and light and airy classrooms make it an awe inspiring school to visit, fitting well alongside other magnificent buildings in Dubai. The school is the first building outside Switzerland to be awarded the Minergie label, an international certificate for the pursuit of sustainable standards.

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Inside a Primary School in Germany

A visionary German head teacher saw the benefits of interactive whiteboards and secured a donation from a bank to get their first one 8 years ago. Since then, with no specific tech funding, he has equipped all grade 3 and 4 classrooms with IWBs.

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