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The Smart Campus - An Opportunity Assessment

A new report from Futuresource due in Q4 2016. The education sector has seen an explosion in technology usage within classrooms and in personal devices over the last 5 years. However, adoption of smart buildings and the smart grid in education establishments is still in its infancy. Advances in technologies for the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) as well as cloud computing however are making smarter systems more accessible to the education sector, providing new and exciting opportunities not only for system providers but also for IoT and cloud solutions companies.

This report outlines the opportunities, drivers and barriers for the 'Smart Campus' within the education sector.

Total Addressable Market - Updated Annually
  • Number of Education Institutions

  • Number of Classrooms

  • Number of Students & Teachers

Quantitative Data
  • Revenues in US$ with 5-Year Forecasts

  • Market Penetration by Education Level

  • Market Penetration of Cloud Systems (Where Appropriate)

Market Segments Itemised
  • Cloud Networks

  • Building Automation

  • Smart Lighting

  • Physical Security

  • Smart Payments

Qualitative Analysis

Key drivers and barriers for the adoption of each category within each level of education. 

Analysis of technological issues affecting market development:

  • Cloud Technology Drivers and Barriers

  • Data Management within Each Category

  • Advances in IoT Technologies Affecting Adoption

  • Overview of Main Connectivity Technologies

  • Company Profiles and Solutions Overview by Category

  • Overview of Government Funding Initiatives by Category within Each Country

  • Analysis of Use Cases for cloud and IoT-Based Systems within the Education Sector

Geographical Coverage
  • USA, UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Singapore

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