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Media & Entertainment Analytics, Data and Research

Service Overview

Futuresource's 30 year heritage at the heart of media and entertainment research offers an unparalleled platform from which to offer insights, data, forecasts, and competitive landscapes and opinion. Based on a blended methodology of continuous and extensive original research, consumer insight, automated information collection, data analytics and secondary sources we offer clients a robust and credible service on which to make confident strategic decisions for their business. Our expertise spans the entire entertainment eco-system, understanding not just the content but its context in relation to distribution and access, providing clients with a complete picture of the landscape.

Product Categories


Our dedicated analyst team incorporates specialists across pay-TV, video, games, music and their related eco-systems. Working with an extensive database of industry contacts, proprietary datasets and consumer insights and leveraging Futuresource's consumer electronics and broadcast technology market knowledge and forecasting, we deliver a range of services from weekly transaction tracking to strategic analysis and 5-year forecasts.

  • Strategic Market Outlook - Country-level data, forecasts and insights offering a comprehensive outlook on each of the key verticals. Regularly updated databases are accompanied by management reports providing data interpretation, competitive insights and industry feedback. Separate services cover Video, TV, Games and Music.

  • Consumer Research Services - Twice yearly online consumer research panels across 11 countries, dedicated to the ongoing measurement of consumers' transitioning habits and behaviour relating to entertainment consumption and device interaction. Futuresource's offers both nationally representative and kids-only research services.

    • Living with Digital (Nationally Representative).

    • Kids Tech (Ages 3-16)

  • Product and Price Track - Monthly/Weekly tracking for digital video products across transactions, pricing and value powered by direct industry feeds and proprietary datasets, delivered through a customisable best-in-class data analytics online portal.

  • New Tech Track - Quarterly monitoring of key growth areas within entertainment services currently including Virtual Reality, 4K/UHD and Blu-ray.

  • Custom Research and Consulting projects supporting your business decisions.


Extensive telephone research and expert interviews, combined with innovative data collection methods and consumer surveys provide a solid platform for delivering insight and forecasts in fast-changing entertainment content markets.

  • Sell-in and sell-out sales data from many leading vendors, distributors and retailers.

  • Expert interviewing involving more than 5,000 interviews conducted annually with leading industry stakeholders within each product and country we track – to produce a local and global industry consensus on industry performance and outlook.

  • Industry leading 'Web scraping' tools – capturing model and price information from most major retailer websites worldwide.
  • Consumer survey data – from the Living with Digital research programme, updated every 6 months, and ad hoc studies

Why Futuresource?

  • Ongoing, direct access to industry experts, Helpline Service providing open-ended access for ad hoc questions.

  • Regularly refreshed datasets, built from ongoing primary research, available via online / Excel download.

  • Market reports that deliver insight, opinion and data interpretation in a concise way.

  • Monthly 'Perspective' report, a focused deliverable on a current and relevant trend.

  • On-site visits from the analysts. Option to support with workshops, strategy planning, market insight days.

  • Industry Metrics database incorporating econometric (GDP, Inflation, unemployment) and techmetric forecasts (TV households, broadband households, mobile subscribers).

Contact Us

For more information about how Futuresource Consulting's suite of Entertainment Content services can benefit your business, contact:

Carl Hibbert

Associate Director - Consumer Media & Tech

+44 (0) 1582 500 110

About Us

Here at Futuresource Consulting we deliver specialist research and consulting services, providing market forecasts and intelligence reports. Since the 1980s we have supported a range of industry sectors, which has grown to include: CE, Broadcast, Entertainment Content, EdTech and many more.